Fan Information

Track Location

437 FM 1903
Greenville, Texas 75402

Mailing Address

 P.O. Box 9118

Greenville, TX 75404

Track Phone

(903) 883-2504


Inclement Weather Policy

If the track calls a rain out after the gates have been opened and tickets or armbands are sold you will follow the following proccedure.  However if all of the Heat races have been completed before rain then it is considered a full race program and none of the rain out proccedures will take place.

  • Each person keep ticket or armband that was bought the night of the rain out.
  • Bring the ticket or armband sold on the rained out night the next weekend the track races to enter with out repaying.
  • We will not accept any tickets or armbands from a non rain out night.
  • Tickets and armbands from rain out night will ONLY BE ACCEPTED the next regular racing event.
  • If you do not have any or the correct ticket or armband from rained out night you will have to pay to enter.
  • We DO NOT do refunds.
  • DRIVERS: In the event that all the heats are  completed when rain out is called the track will pay time in a half the following race night.
  • Call the track phone if you have questions.

Racing Flags

GREEN FLAG: Displayed at the start of each race and during restarts. Drivers may not pass one another until the green flag is waved.

YELLOW FLAG: Signals a “caution” period, usually due to a spinout, small crash or debris on the racetrack. Drivers must slow their speed and may not advance their position during this time.

RED FLAG: All cars MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY, regardless of their position on the racetrack. This flag is normally displayed for vehicle rollovers and fires. Multi-vehicle accidents requiring an extended cleanup period can also result in the red flag being displayed.

BLUE FLAG with YELLOW DIAGONAL STRIPE: Often referred to as the “passing flag”. This flag is displayed to slower or lapped traffic whenever the leaders or faster traffic is approaching. Drivers are urged to hold a consistent line whenever this flag is displayed to them.

BLACK FLAG: This flag is displayed to drivers for one of two reasons, rough driving and mechanical reasons. This flag is displayed to a driver if their vehicle is smoking excessively, dropping fluid on the racing surface or is in danger of dropping a piece of debris that may be a hazard to spectators or other drivers. In the case of rough driving, this flag signals an immediate disqualification.

WHITE FLAG: Displayed with the lead car begins the race’s final lap.

CHECKERED FLAG: The black and white checkered flag is waved when the winner crosses the start/finish line.

Dynamic DeZigns is the official flag supplier of Superbowl Speedway.


No animals allowed in Pits or Grandstands

There is absolutely no alcohol beverages allowed in the Pits.

Vulger clothes or language will not be tolerated

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