305 Bomber

Superbowl Speedway
305 Bomber Rules
May not race in any other class if running this class

All components are subject to inspection and approval of inspecting officials. No equipment will be considered as having been approved by reason of having passed through inspection unobserved. The management reserves the right to make any necessary changes to enhance the racing program or safety.
The term “Stock O.E.M” means that the item/part must have been a standard item/part on the MAKE and MODEL of the vehicle being driven as a racecar. Just because a part is manufactured by the company that manufactured the vehicle does NOT mean the part is legal. The part must have been available on the specific vehicle being used as a racecar.
Truck bodies are allowed.
Aluminum bodied cars must add 50 lbs in front of firewall. (Added weight must be painted white and clearly labeled with car’s #)
Must be stock street type passenger cars or station wagons.
No commercial vehicles, convertibles or sports cars allowed.
Any stock passenger car is legal (Minimum 108” wheelbase)
Wheelbase must be stock for make and model.

Minimum of one (1-1/2” O.D.) roll bar of front seat braced both forward and backward on both sides. Full cage OK. May add ¼” steel plate, maximum 12” high, outside of driver’s door for protection. No part of drive’s halo can extend behind rear of front door
Cars must be strictly stock and must be stock appearing. No cutting on body. No holes in hood. Hood must be kept in place at all times. Fenders may not be cut off. Doors must be welded or bolted closed. Must have minimum of 3 vertical bars in front of driver and passenger for safety. Must have a cleared hook up bar for wrecker.
Must be securely mounted in trunk. Fuel line must be in a protective case such as conduit or similar. No fuel cell below frame. Must have a safety flap and a cap. Must have a way of letting gas escape, such as drain holes. DRIVESHAFT must be PAINTED WHITE. Must have front and rear firewall. May use fuel cell. Pump gas or racing fuel
No modifying of the suspension is allowed. NONE! Suspension parts must remain absolutely stock for that make and model of car. No leaf spring cars. Springs must remain in stock location. Racing springs are allowed on the front and Pig tails on the back.
Shocks must be factory shocks such as Monroe or Gabriel’s. No racing shocks. Must remain in stock location.
Stock bumpers only. No reinforcing. Bumpers must have chain on corners fastened to frame.
All glass, chrome (except bumpers) and interior (except front seat) must be removed. Racing seat OK.
Must be stock intake or 2701 Aluminum. NO HIGH RISE. NO HEADERS. Stock cast iron exhaust manifold. Muffler and tail pipe may be removed. Header pipe must be retained.

Chevy 305 Engine (stock) ALL components must be stock and in stock position (No racing cams). Hydraulic camshaft and lifters only. Only H.E.I distributor. Must pull 16 inches vacuum (supply place to check vacuum). Must run 350 Holley Carb unaltered. After market power steering pump must be belt driven from front of crank shaft. Can run quick steer. Must run RV Mellon Cam # 22200 with a 447 lift. No regrinds
Any stock 305 head no modifications allowed with exception of pinning the studs. Polly locks are allowed. Must retain stock valve size. No screw in studs. Stock length push rods. May flat mill only.
Only 1 radiator and must be centered in front of engine in a vertical position without body modifications.
Must be securely mounted and covered by sheet rubber or mounted in a secure box to prevent acid spilling. Battery must be in good working order, capable of starting car. Battery must be in trunk.
Only automatic turbo 350 with working 13” torque convertor. Must idle in forward gear.
Stock passenger car rear end. Must use safety lug nut. No positive track. NO limited slip. Locked rear end is OK.
Asphalt pull-offs only F45, F50, or F56. May also run F40’s on the front only. Must durometer 51.

All brake components must be stock. Disk brakes on rear are allowed. Master cylinder must be in stock location.
Must have a solid linkage between the Carb and Acceleration pedal.
All drivers must wear Snell approved helmets. All drivers must wear driving suit made of fire resistant material that effectively covers the driver’s body. Fire resistant gloves are strongly recommended. All cars must be equipped with an approved 3” wide safety belt and a 2” wide shoulder harness (racing type). Must have 5 point harness.
Engine – $350 & swap. Keep distributor, water pump, and exhaust manifold.
Carburetor – $150 & swap
$100 to pull head & $100 to pull oil pan. Driver or owner only allowed to protest. Must be on the lead lap and finish behind car being protested. James must have protest money in hand before A-Main takes the track.

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