Junior Limited Modified

2017 Junior Limiteds

Block – stock 305 Maximum bore 3.796-(.obo over)
Decking OK, pistons must not protrude past deck
Align hone OK
Stock lifter Diameter (.842)
No head studs
No main studs
No billet main caps
No main girdle

Stock cast no after market
3.480 stroke only, no steel cranks
No cut down counter weights
No two-inch rod journals
Balancing OK
Stock OEM replacement Harmonic Balancers

OEM Transmission Only, must use factory 12 inch converter

Stock GM Rods only (No aftermarket)
No polish beams
ARP rod bolts OK
5.7 rod only
No 400 rods
No 327 or 283 rods
No floated rods-press fit only

Hydraulic Only
No 4.7 Swaps
No Hydraulic Rollers
No Variable Duration lifters
No V-Max
No Anti Pump Ups
(Stock OEM Replacement Lifters ONLY)
Cam lifts at valve .450 max
Vacuum 12 inches at 1200 RPM’s

Rocker Arms
Stock Style Steel 1.5 ratio only
No roller tips or roller fulerums

Stock 305 heads only
Casting numbers to be accounted
NO 601 castings
Intake Valve Max Head Diameter 1.500
11/32 (.320) only .342
No Hollow Stems or Titanium Valves
Valve Guides OK
Hard Seats OK
Screw in studs OK. No guide plates. No porting or polishing
Can Machine 1.750, Int. seat to 1.840
No Angle Milling
Flat Milling OK
Cranking Compression 165lbs at 5 turns
Stock diameter spring and retainer
No Aluminum or titanium retainers steel only

Intake Manifold
Stock GM Aluminum OK
No Porting or Polishing
Center Divider can be machined out or can run IMCA leadblock 2701 untouched

Valve Covers
Stock or short circle track
No Aluminum or Tall Valve Covers

Oil Pan
Must have one-inch plug in pan to scope during tech
Steal Pans only NO Aluminum
One-inch Inspection treys
No Lavered windage treys
Can have one scraper on the side of pan
Single or Dual Kickout OK

350 CFM Holley (7448) untorched to be checked with no go gauges

Racing Fuel, NO Alcohol


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